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Why Book Lee Thompson

Why Book Lee Thompson – Personal Safety Workshop

He is a leading authority and expert on pickpocketing.  Lee consults internationally on personal safety strategies with Police agencies, Banks, Security Experts, film producers and the travel industry.

His 20+ years of hands on experience performing his theatrical stage and close up pickpocket act enhances his expertise.  And as a leading personal safety consultant has allowed him to identify the most common methods and locations used by professional criminals who target traveller’s and the everyday commuter.

Lee’s unique and entertaining style guarantees the maximum in engagement and entertainment whilst gaining a valuable learning experience.  Lee Thompson delivers his personal safety workshops and personal safety public speaking in a way the audience can relate.  Forget boring, dreary talks, this truly is a most interactive and fun filled way to discover how to protect yourself from the likes of pickpockets and thieves whilst still keeping it light entertainment.

So if you, your company, corporation and/or employees want the ultimate in personal safety then Book Lee Thompson’s Personal Safety Workshop or Lee to come and deliver an entertaining and engaging speech at one of your events and gain that peace of mind today.  As well as invaluable street smarts.

Personal Safety Half Day Training Course

Invaluable Safety Advice, Observation Training and Personal Safety Awareness

Pickpocketing is a major problem.  Most of us don’t have the knowledge or training to fight it, indeed, many of us do not even consider that it’s a real life problem and think.  “It could never happen to me!

This personal safety half-day training course is beneficial to anyone whether for personal or business travel or day-to-day life.  Pickpockets can turn even the smallest of items into cash, they no longer throw those stolen items, credit cards, club cards etc into the rubbish bin.

They know exactly where to sell them and they ‘know someone who knows someone’ Nudge nudge, wink, wink!  And someone who knows how to exploit the stolen credit cards and your precious and valuable personal ID.

The personal safety workshop is a more hands on interactive.  Attendees will also learn how to recognise the pre-incident behaviour of distraction thieves and other sophisticated Gangs.  The presentation includes information on, The Tell, Behaviour of body language, facial expressions, props, and methodology.

Our Personal Safety Workshop Topics include:

  • Pickpocket behaviour
  • Methodology
  • ​Wolfpack coordination
  • Identity theft
  • How sophisticated gangs target victims
  • How to not be a target for traveling teams of thieves
  • Learn how distraction and opportunist thieves operate
  • How they target their victims
  • How they use the “Brush” strategy
  • How they use the “Sandwich” strategy
  • How they use the “Concealed hand” strategy
  • How they use the “Pat Down” strategy
  • The Digital Pickpocket 

Lee Thompson Pickpocket

Lee Thompson Public Speaking Events

Lee Thompson’s Public Speaking Events keynote presentation is an upbeat fascinating, skilful interactive, edgy, insight for YOUR personal safety. Lee’s library of extraordinary footage is frequently used on TV, talk-shows, getsafeonline.org.  The Pickpocketing Challenge footage for Nationwide building society is constantly trending on Google News and is a highlight of his personal safety presentations.

A Hands On Engaging Experience

Attendees at our public speaking events will not be expected to sit and listen to painfully endless boring talks on theory.  Lee delivers an enjoyable hands-on, engaging and inspiring learning experience with instant results guaranteed for participants.  Lee makes you more aware of everything you need to know about pick pocketing, helping you become self-aware with very little effort.  Great fun packed full with opportunities for learning, applying and absorbing from his vast knowledge base, skills and techniques Lee shows you what to look for and the importance of simple and serious steps to reduce exposure and risk of ID theft.

Would we know a Pickpocket if we saw one?

Keynote presentation teaches awareness and how to spot suspicious behaviour.  The world’s favourite Pickpocket destinations are covered.  For each country and city discussed, Lee has invaluable personal safety advice and through his interactive public speaking events advises on how to minimise risks.

Personal Safety Training and Personal Safety Speaker

Personal Safety Training: A One Off Keynote Presentation
Although the half day personal safety workshop is a more hands on and interactive, equally on the Personal safety public speaking event Attendees will not be expected to sit and listen all day to painfully endless boring talks on theory.

Entertaining and Engaging

Lee delivers an enjoyable hands-on, engaging and inspiring learning experience with instant results guaranteed for participants.  Lee makes you more aware of everything you need to know about pickpocketing, helping you become self-aware with very little effort…Great fun packed full with opportunities for learning, applying and absorbing from his vast knowledge base, skills and techniques.

Personal Safety Training Options

Personal Safety Training usually involves a half or full day personal safety package, being more in-depth and classroom based, but with no less the fun.  Of course – one can lead to the other – and we can offer both in tandem!  All aspects of the art of pickpocketing are covered.  We include everything you need to know how to prevent being relieved of your valuables.  And we reveal some of the top secrets of the art of pickpocketing. Increasing your overall awareness, spotting the warning signs and ultimately making you more streetwise.  With such a varied and engaging format, you are guaranteed great fun and not a second of boredom.

Personal Safety Breakout Sessions:

Our Personal Safety Breakout sessions are aimed at conferences – not on the main stage but in a smaller room – what they call “concurrent” sessions running simultaneously where delegates choose one to attend.  These sessions are ultra-engaging as well as an intense and fun experience for all to participate. Learn all about the art of pickpocketing in a safe environment and experience pickpocketing first hand.  And most importantly understand the techniques and how to protect yourself.  The ultimate in a fun learning experience that just may save your valuables.

"It would never happen to me!"

Lee Thompson Keynote speaker

Lee Thompson - Personal Safety Speaker

Lee Thompson is a professional theatrical pickpocket.  Lee now uses his extensive knowledge of pickpocketing and his ability as an entertainer to teach.  As a personal safety speaker, he engages corporate audiences teaching about personal safety, how to stay safe and avoid theft.  Lee advises on the tricks and techniques pickpockets use.  And gives general personal safety advice on looking after belongings.  As well as the precautions you should take to minimise loss in the case of theft.

Lee’s personal safety session features entertaining live demonstrations using members of the audience.  His own personal library footage of pickpockets in action.  And where appropriate the use of a custom built mannequin which is electronically rigged to detect pressure.  So that audience members can experience the skill needed to “pick a pocket”!

Lee’s aim is to highlight the dangers of complacency and to be aware of the importance of exercising discretion, staying aware of your belongings. Avoiding putting yourself into risky situations, how to avoid becoming a “mark” (or target) and the importance of staying vigilant in crowds.

His motto is “Don’t travel fearfully — travel carefully!”

More About Lee Thompson

Lee Thompson has appeared at numerous corporate events.  And has starred in shows such as Cirque du Soleil, Impossible live, The One Show, Wise Guys (Thames Television), Nationwide building society's viral pickpocket prevention campaign and even Police Five and Crime Watch! (He was acting in an advisory capacity – and not featuring in CCTV footage as a person of interest!).  He also acted as Pick Pocket consultant for a National Geographic Documentary series called “Scam Cities” where he taught exclusive secrets to the show’s host and gave advice on how tourists are scammed, and exactly how to avoid being pickpocketed.

Book Lee - Personal Safety Speaker

If you are interested in booking Lee Thompson as a personal safety personal speaker for your corporate event, as a dinner guest or public speaker. Please get in touch via our contact us page today!  Lee is available for all types of events and general enquiries are always welcome.

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