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Wedding and Corporate Entertainment

When it comes to special occasions and key important days of your life, none are so important as your wedding day, and making sure that it is the best it can be for both you and your life partner as well as your wedding guests.   There are several important factors to a great wedding day.  Some aren’t in your control such as the great British weather, however you do have a say in the venue, flower arrangements, the food, and of course the wedding day event entertainment.

Lee Thompson and his team specialise in wedding day entertainment and we have several options and entertainment modules you can choose from.  We know that this is one of the most important days of your life and one that will be remembered for many years to come so we are proud to say that our event packages will make it that little bit even more special and memorable for all the right reasons.

Lee Thompson Magician Wedding

Lee Thompson has a performance style that has been deemed as hilarious, slick, high class, elegant and intimate entertainment.  As well as magic on stage, Lee presents a performance right in the hands of your guests, with a seeming blend of the most astonishing illusions together with wit and humour.  Mixing and mingling with your guests he moves from each group of guests, involving them with amazing interactive sleight of hand magic, mind reading and pickpocketing to give performances that your guests will never forget.  

Lee understands that a wedding will include guest's of all ages and will easily adapt his style to suit any audience, so don't worry, everyone from the youngest to oldest guest will be entertained.

Lee Thompson Wedding Entertainment

When would be the  best time to have a magician at your wedding?

Below is a list of our wedding day entertainment packages and our ideas for when a close up magician can really enhance your wedding reception.  You can choose as many as you like to wow and entertain your wedding day guests from our wedding reception package.

Wedding Entertainment option One:  Entertaining your guests during the photoperiod is the perfect time.   If you have a long ish drink reception / photo period, then close up magic can really help.  Lee interacts with guests who are not involved in the photos to help fill in dead time.

If you have a summer wedding and are planning on drinks and canapés outside, then magic is a fun and novel idea.

Wedding Entertainment option Two: During the wedding breakfast, Lee's skill as a pickpocket, mind reader and a close up magician is perfect.  Lee will perform table Magic, Mind Reading and Pickpocketing.  Lee will move, around your guests mixing and mingling from table to table performing a short show for each group including a few special tricks for the top table.  This is an extremely popular choice and can be combined with option One.

Wedding Entertainment option Three:  If you are looking for some alternative evening entertainment, this extremely popular fun package is for you and your guests at the evening reception.

‘Beat the cheat’ ... Can you ‘Beat the cheat’ at his own game?  Your guests can try their luck!!!  Lee or a member of his team, all experienced international magicians, will let you have a try at beating the cheat, then fleece you and leave you aghast!  Don’t worry, you won't lose any money, but you will lose sleep trying to guess how its done!

If you think you can ‘find the lady’ prepare to be astounded.

Our ‘Beat the Cheat’ performer’s nimble fingers manipulate playing cards, coins and other such items, so you will never win, however hard you try!  Self Contained:  Set shows and demonstrations at the ‘Beat the cheat’ booth.

Lee Thompson International Pickpocket

Invite your guests to beat the cheat and never even give a sucker a break!  Our ‘Beat the Cheat’ performer’s will teach your guests how not to get ripped off!!  Guests can also learn bar bets and scams, never buying another round of drinks again!!  Have a go at the ‘Beat the Cheat’ booth or stand back and just enjoy the show (also works well alongside our fun Casino)!

Wedding Entertainment option Four:  Maybe the most important unthought of wedding Option!

Option Four -  The Children's Package:

We 100% CATEGORICALLY without a SHADOW OF A DOUBT, highly recommend.....Nay...URGE you to book -  The Children's Package:

If you are planning on having a lot of children at your wedding, you should definitely think about hiring our Children’s Entertainer Package.  This will keep them amused during the speeches.  The last thing you need is Bored and Screaming children interrupting Your perfect moment!!!

We love kids.  We have 2 of our own but OUR own wedding was almost ruined by us NOT having this option and ‘WE’ should have known better (Unfortunately we have the video to prove it)!!

45 minute to 2 hour shows in a separate room with fun, Balloon Modelling, games and a Family friendly show, keeping the children amazed and entertained for peace of mind!

Other Options: Comedy Waiters... Fake Paparazzi, after dinner Cabaret.

It is our goal to provide world class entertainment, creating magical memories.

Call Lee Direct Now : 07805 093623  for an informal chat about how Lee Thompson can add magic to your wedding.

Alternatively send your enquiries here  on our contact us page.

Happy Planning!!!

Lee Thompson Pickpocket Wedding

Lee also has a very strong representation in the corporate entertainment world.  With an impressive CV under his belt and the ability to “Deliver” makes Lee the World’s greatest pickpocket, you can be assured Lee will really impress and entertain your guests.

The show can be tailored to any theme.  Lee can theme to any era with custom made movie quality costumes and can  easily change the act accordingly to the event or venue.  The stage pickpocket act is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

Lee is perfect for trade shows, corporate events, mix and mingle Pickpocketing and Close up Magic in any situation, although not recommended for the beach! 

Call Lee Direct Now : 07805 093623  or contact Lee here on the contact us page.

Corporate Events:  Disney, Pixar, Cbbees, Proms in the Park, Leeds Festival, Reading Festival, Tea in the Park, Glastonbury Festival, Orange Mobile Promotion, MBNA fun days (repeat bookings 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999), HSBC, The National Training Awards (2003, 2002, 2001), Royal Bank of Scotland Insurance Awards 2004, Chessington World of Adventures (1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999) Oracle, Cadbury World, Thorpe Park, Cheltenham Spectacular, The Magic Circle Head Quarters, Jongluers, Cannon Hill Arts Centre, Sore Jaw Comedy Club – presented and promoted by pickingpockets.com, Cambridge Annual Ball (Trinity College) Discovery Day Birmingham, Erazer Film Launch – Alexander Palace, Albert Hall, Pontins, Warners, Thomson Holiday’s, Sir Paul McCartney Tour, Dubai Marco Polo Hotel, British Telecom, Cannon, Rank XZerox, Shell, KLM, Volvo, Nissan, Pepsi, Warwick Castle, Alton Towers, TGI Fridays, China Whites, Mail Box Opening (Birmingham) Glee Club – So You Think Your Funny? Tango Promotion, Smart Car Launch, Maverick Chocolate Bar Launch, PG Tips Promotion, Warner Cinema’s Nationwide, Shakespeare in Love Premier, Garfield Magic Show Tour, Blue Peter (Isle of Man) The Kids Antique’s Road Show, Speck Savers Commercial, Bollywood Party, BRMB Radio Christmas Party, Kerrang Radio ‘Monks memoirs’, WM Radio, Madam Taussauds, The Spirit Group, Kew Gardens, The Lord Mayors Procession – London, National Science Museum, Museum of London, Cartier, Move it Mime Festival, Woolworth Store Openings Nation Wide, Star City Casino, Blackpool Pleasure Beach Entrepreneurs Party, Jaguar Rally, Palladium , Sky, Crime Stoppers, POD, NSPCC, Left Heart Matters, CLICC, Mind, Banardos and Jamaira Beach Resort Hotel Dubai

Lee Thompson Wedding Entertainment

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