“Thompson” The Drunken Pickpocket

Lee Thompson - The Drunken Pickpocket

Physical - funny -Comedy -Pickpocket

Spoken in English – Japanese – French – German – Spanish. Also an International Silent Visual Act.

Theatrical spectacular Centred Around “Thompson” an Old Eccentric British Butler who’s had ‘just’ that little bit too much to drink!!

“Life is a Cabernet”

As “Thompson” enters the stage things look a little odd, with his dishevelled appearance, and strange antics.

Heavily inspired by DINNER FOR ONE ODE DER 90 GERBUSTAG.

Incredible pickpocketing, Physical Comedy with sleight of hand magic, Illusion, slapstick and clowning.

A fusion of puppetry and street theatre, stylized with a Cirque Du Soleil flair.