You gotta pick a pocket or two… to learn

Lee Thompson International Pickpocket and Magician

Lionel Bart wrote some memorable songs for Oliver! And by writing, “You Gotta Pick and Pocket or two”  he immortalised the dark world of the pickpocket and made it fun.  Right now, there is a very good chance you are humming or singing that very well-known song, but the world of pickpocketing is not all fun, there is a serious side to it and the way to understand this is to see it in action.

Professional pickpockets exist today, yes, there is such a thing and in some cases, they would fit into a modern day Oliver!  With ease and some may even equal the charm and expertise of the master Fagin himself.  Some though, are even more shrewd, cunning and clever than Fagin or any of his team of pickpockets and they use pickpocketing for entertainment, teaching and consumer awareness.

To understand how a pickpocket works one needs to pick a pocket or two or at least see (or not) a pocket or two picked.  We are all walking targets for pickpockets because we think pickpockets don’t exist, we like to believe they only exist on TV, in Movies and in the musical Oliver!  Lee Thompson is living proof that this is a huge myth and proof that Pickpocketing is alive and kicking and far more lucrative than it ever has been before and you could be the next victim.

When someone is told that Lee is a professional pickpocket eyebrows are raised, they smile and before they know it the phrase “I’m a professional pickpocket” has distracted them and in an instant their mobile phone has gone, along with this wallet, tie and watch.  Thankfully, Lee, unlike Fagin, is honest; he is a stage pickpocket who prefers to give back what he has taken.

It is strange, that once a person has been pickpocketed either in the street or by someone like Lee Thompson on stage that our habits and behaviours never really change.  For a short period of time, after being picked, we become aware and very conscious of the fact we are vulnerable to pickpockets and make changes.  However, these habits don’t seem to last and the pickpockets just keep upping their game and we become slack.  Changing human behaviour requires a pocket or two being picked and loss being felt more than once.

Lee Thompson performs a number of acts on stage that demonstrate the art of picking a pocket.  Yes, it is an art and one that needs plenty of practice.  On stage the whole joy of Fagin’s London comes back to life, not so much the singing and the dancing but the laughter at how people are so easily robbed of things that seem impossible to take.  It is tremendously entertaining but underneath a valuable and important lesson is being taught, whether we want to be told or not. 

The stage act from Lee Thompson has won a great deal of praise all over the world, his skill and natural charm makes it an act that works anywhere. Everyone knows Pickpockets are real, sadly, and I repeat, they think it is not happening in their neighbourhood but only on TV and in the movies.  However, the fine line between outstanding, comic entertainment and leaving the theatre where Lee has performed only to have your phone, wallet and car keys stolen without you knowing is hardly a line at all today.

Lee’s expertise has made him a popular entertainer and now edu-tainer.  Street magic is huge, it always has been and always will be, it is ironic that it used to be a way to draw a crowd so they could have their pockets picked in the first place.   Lee Thompson is one of the most unusual and enjoyable edu-tainers one may encounter.  Insurance companies, software security companies all know the pain of theft, they know how things are stolen without us noticing and the skill of a professional pickpocket, such as Lee, demonstrates this clearly.  Unfortunately, with street pickpocketing for entertainment the entertainment value is seen less so much the lesson and sadly, and despite the efforts of master pickpockets like Lee Thompson, people struggle to learn.

Dickensian London as portrayed in Oliver Twist is not far different from any town or city today. There are many less desirable people who wake up saying I “gotta pick a pocket or two”.  Lee Thompson does just that, but thankfully, he is one of the good guys and not only will he make you smile when he does what he does he may just wake you up and keep you safe in the future.

Trade Show Comedy Pickpocketing

Trade show Comedy Pickpocketing

Why book Lee Thompson for your trade show stand?

Simple “He Delivers” and it will maximize the return on your investment

It is easy for Trade show events to be a little “dry” and Lee’s Unique Comedy Pickpocketing entertainment does wonders, attracting people to your stand, holding their interest and during busy times help to keep them at the stand until your staff are available.

Lee Thompson’s Pickpocketing Performance is a “mind-active” form of communication.  The audience is constantly thinking, “WOW how did he do that?”  Each and every viewer’s mind is awake, alert, active and thinking… And, it is at this precise mental moment that Lee Thompson adds your commercial message to the live presentation!  The viewer’s synapses are making fresh cerebral connections and actively storing new information, while the smile on the viewer’s face records a synchronistic positive impression of your company’s slogan, logo, and sales pitch!

Trade show guests could find their items have gone in less than 60 seconds. Yes that’s all it takes, and less sometimes for Lee to Pick Pockets! Watches, wallets, cufflinks, keys, mobile phones and even neckties.

(No... He can’t steal your socks!!)

His humorous and fun personality will instantly put your potential clients at ease and, of course, every ’stolen’ item is returned to its rightful owner, to gasps of astonishment and disbelief!

Now, combine this psychological “mind-active” advantage with the “Buzz” that Lee Thompson brings to your Stand, Visitor’s (and fellow exhibitors) will be talking about your Stand elsewhere on the show floor, and afterwards at the convention cocktail party!

It is Amazing  to hear people talking amongst themselves, bouncing theories off one another, and constantly hearing your company’s name in conjunction with the phrase “how do you think he did that”?

Pickpocketing is a visual art, and that means it is an international language with universal appeal.  No matter where your next trade show is (in the USA, Europe or Asia) or what Language is spoken, Lee Thompson’s  Comedy Pickpocket demonstration is great fun informative and will continue to amaze, communicate and attract an eager audience to your exhibit!

Each Performance/Demonstration last just a few minutes 10?-15? with short breaks giving your team time to make contact with new leads.  You may wish to promote your own company or new product.

Lee can plant items onto unsuspecting clients (reverse pickpocketing) such as trinkets, business cards, etc…

Stage PickPocket

Lee Thompson Stage Pickpocket

Lee Thompson the UK’s Only Pickpocket Head Hunted and Hired to be Headline Act by world renowned Cirque Du Soleil

Lee’s world Class international Comedy Pick Pocketing act has been performed in front of 1.8 million people over 1000 shows in only 18 months for Cirque du Soliel.

Lee is fantastic to watch live, unbelievable misdirection, perfect timing and engages the audience in a performance with Physical comedy and skill that is second-to-none!  This fun high impact stage show takes you into the world of the pickpocket, with Lee as the perfect host.

You won’t lose your money, but may lose sleep trying to figure out how he does it! With a twinkle in his eye and a cheeky grin, your possessions will disappear and reappear when you least expect it!

Your guests will find their items have gone in less than 60 seconds! Incredibly all styles of Watches, Wallets, Belts, Cufflinks,Keys, Glasses, Mobile phones, Pocket Contents and even Neck Ties.

Lee’s professionalism and personality instantly puts his audience at ease, and of course every stolen item is returned to it’s rightful owner, to gasps of astonishment, laughter and disbelief!

Lee Has Pick pocketed members of The Royal Family, US Military, Police, customs and excise, As an expert in the field of Pick Pocketing, Lee has been called upon to give demonstrations and lectures to security companies and staff training systems. Cartier asked Lee to steal jewellery for staff training, and O2 Fraud and Security Events asked Lee to demonstrate his unique skills to their finest officers and investigators.

He has performed in many situations all over the world with 25 years professional performance experience. Lee has an impressive CV under his belt and his ability to “DELIVER” makes him the Worlds greatest Pickpocket. Lee also writes and creates new shows on a regular basis changing his act accordingly to the event or venue. Lee can theme to any era with movie quality costumes.

Lee Thompson’s mixture of humour, skill and pure showmanship is the ideal choice for any event, stage Act or close up, whether a formal dinner or more casual function.

 Stage PickPocket Act Available in: English, Japanese and French.  Any Theme, at least 5 different show lengths e.g  6 minutes, 10 minutes , 15 minutes, 45 minutes and full theatre show 90 minutes...

What the Media say:

Chris Moyle’s the saviour of Radio One “He’s Bloody Good”... Book Lee Thompson a Real, skilled, Clever, Funny Pickpocket.  100% guaranteed not to stooge or set up a Volunteer and a pleasure to watch.

VARIETY: The Second half of the show is by far the stronger with excellent Pickpocket Lee Thompson.

NEW YORK TIMES: Lee Thompson will steal the tie right off your neck, Many laughs featuring the comic pickpocket Lee Thompson, right out of a vintage English Music hall.

The Wall Street Journal: Pickpocket routine that could have been “Lifted” from an English music hall circa 1910 with startling Virtuosity and winning Verve.

Fagin and Dickensian Pickpockets

Lee Thompson- Fagin and Dickensian Pickpockets

When thinking of one of the most infamous pickpocket characters of all time, needless to say, Charles Dickens ‘Fagin’ from the tale of  Oliver Twist instantly comes to mind.

Here,  Lee Thompson presents ‘Fakin’; the look-alike that also does alike!!  Together with his counterpart ‘Nancy’, they transport the audience to a time very dear to everyone’s hearts.  Together with stylised ‘mix and mingle’ entertainment at its best, Fakin and Nancy climax with “Ohm Pa Pa” plus a pickpocketing cabaret that will bewilder all whom have the pleasure of witnessing a mastercraft man at work!!

“Please sir, can I have some MORE?”

Lee Thompson - Victorian Pickpockets

By now you will have got the gist of the theme throughout our company, pure fun and Comedy Entertainment, Illusion and Pickpocketing.

Comedy Pickpocketing Eccentric Waiters

Lee Thompson - Comedy Pickpocketing Eccentric Waiters

These dreadful waiters will delight and disgust your guests!!!

Hire this team of dusty old magical waiters, who are obviously not members of the venues waiting staff.

Greeting your guests with their own unique style, mixing excellent slight of hand illusion with great humour.

Covered in cobwebs and a uniform similar to any Hitchcock movie, their rather unconventional approach to silver service will make your guests’ evening unforgettable!

Forks and Spoons magically bend before your eyes, bottles appear out of thin air and disappear through the table along with incredible illusions happening close-up, right under your nose.

Imagine your clients’ reaction, when they discover their watch inside a freely chosen sealed tin can.

If you are looking for a relaxing meal similar to all other events you’ve attended or hosted before, our Eccentric Waiters, shouldn’t be your first choice of entertainment! We suggest you book a harpist!

With jovial antics around every corner and comedy moments in abundance, together with very skilled magical moments, booking our team will guarantee fond memories of an amazing and highly amusing evening by all guests who attend your function!

We never interfere with your food!

Also available the unforgettable pre-dinner cabaret “CHECK THE BOX”.   We always leave party guests astounded.

BEAT THE CHEAT at The Bunco Booth

Lee Thompson Beat The Cheat

Lee Thompson manning the bunko booth.

Can you beat the cheat?

From the PT Barnum and Bailey days of the side show, Lee and his team of experienced international magicians will let you have a try at beating the cheat, then fleece you and leave you aghast!

If you think you can ‘find the lady’ prepare to be astounded.

Lee Thompson’s nimble fingers manipulate playing cards, coins and other such items, so you will never win, however hard you try!

Set shows and demonstrations at the ‘Bunco Booth”, invite your guests to beat the cheat and never give a sucker an even break!

Working from a mobile suitcase or tea chest our street hustling Team will teach you how not to get ripped off!!

Guests can also learn bar bets and scams, never buying another round of drinks again!!

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