BEAT THE CHEAT at The Bunco Booth

Lee Thompson Beat The Cheat

Lee Thompson manning the bunko booth.

Can you beat the cheat?

From the PT Barnum and Bailey days of the side show, Lee and his team of experienced international magicians will let you have a try at beating the cheat, then fleece you and leave you aghast!

If you think you can ‘find the lady’ prepare to be astounded.

Lee Thompson’s nimble fingers manipulate playing cards, coins and other such items, so you will never win, however hard you try!

Set shows and demonstrations at the ‘Bunco Booth”, invite your guests to beat the cheat and never give a sucker an even break!

Working from a mobile suitcase or tea chest our street hustling Team will teach you how not to get ripped off!!

Guests can also learn bar bets and scams, never buying another round of drinks again!!