About Lee Thompson

Lee Thompson’s vast training and performing experience over the past 30 years lead to him being head-hunted by internationally renowned entertainment production company Cirque Du Soleil, who look specifically for those who are world class and at the very top of their chosen profession.  

With his extraordinary ability as an artist, Cirque Du Soleil required Lee to join the cast of “Kooza” as the principle role of the Pickpocket, within a week of initial contact.

 Lee is at the very pinnacle of his craft and is an amazingly talented and adaptable artist of the highest caliber.

Lee is an accomplished multi skilled physical comedy performer who always gives an engaging and enthralling encounter to all who have the pleasure of witnessing him in action.

This prestigious engagement is a true example of what hard work, dedication, and extreme talent can produce.  Lee has established himself as a principle performer for numerous productions, Cirque Du Soleil, Mugler Follies Paris, Impossible World Tour, Bombay Sapphire’s “The grand journey” to name a few, all with astounding reviews. 

His expertise and extremely commendable work ethic make him an irreplaceable asset to your production or event. No one in the world has the pure showmanship of Lee Thompson. 

He is truly the best physical comedy pick pocket in the world, whatever guise he uses!!