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Lee Thompson Pickpocket for Hire


Expert pickpocket magician Lee Thompson has become recognised as the premier entertainment source for pickpocket – magicians and Mind readers We provide our very own in-house expert pickpockets and elite magicians, who are fully fledge members of the world renowned ‘THE MAGIC CIRCLE” in London as well as the magic Castle in Hollywood, guaranteeing you the very best modern skilled magicians to bring magic to your guests.

Our in house team of performers have a  performance style that is an elegant and intimate form of entertainment, 

we call it ‘close up magic’, where our magicians and pickpockets or mind readers mix and mingle with your guests, seated or standing, performing several intimate performances for small groups of guests around your event 

No camera tricks, the magic happens right in front of your guests eyes, right in the their hands, seamlessly blending the most astonishing mini close up illusions delivered with wit and humour to give a spectacular performance that your guests will never forget . 

This type of entertainment offers your guests the ability to take part in miniature sleight of hand miracles up close

We don’t just offer a set routine of magic, we are very versatile and can include meeting and greeting magic, mingling with your

guests and performing astonishing tricks of the mind right in front of their very eyes with our specialised close up magic.

We can also offer comedy magic illusion show. include sleight of hand, amazing Funny pickpocket feats and have your guests fully engaged and entertained. 

Our experienced magicians are able to customise their  show to suit exactly what you want, we can perform table magic between courses and specialise in magic at weddings, dinner parties and corporate dinners or of course just for fun. 

As you can see we have a wide and varied choice of entertainment  themes that will work their magic around your event schedule, all you need to do is give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can provide you the best entertainment for your event and make it one to be remembered 

We are available for any event that you have in mind whether it be a corporate event, wedding, private party, a birthday, special occasion or even a family fun day. 

Contact us today and we can tailor make an elite magician package to suit your event and your budget.


Security Training and Awareness

With an ability to thieve almost anything from anyone in broad daylight, Lee Thompson is one of the most unusual security consultants anywhere in the world. He has worked with many top security companies and has proven that even the eagle-eyed staff of Cartier are no defense to a determined pocket-picker.

More Than Just a Pickpocket Act

As the master of his craft and a born entertainer Lee Thompson develops and writes shows and performances to suit the venue or client’s requirements. From simple ‘mix and mingle’ in the audience, to themed and costumed shows that set a stage alive while incorporating clever audience participation, Lee Thompson is so much more than just a pickpocket. If you have an event and want to incorporate Lee’s uncanny ability to leave people with their pants down for entertainment or training purposes Lee is the man you need.

Celebrity Quotes

“You’ve got Me watch!”

Matt Baker

Live on The One Show

“I had No idea you had done that!”

Piers Morgan

Live on ITV Good Morning Britain

“Get away from me you weirdo!”

Adrian Goldberg

BBC WM Presenter

“Ha! Ha! Very good, I genuinely didn’t feel that!”

Presenter Joe Crowley

Police 5 (on channel 5)

“Thank you Lee, You were Brilliant as always!”

Peter Dickson

Voice - over artist, The X Factor - Britains got Talent and E4

About Us

Lee Thompson: Cirque Du Soleil Alumnus – Pickpocket – Clown – Magician.

Member of the Inner Magic Circle (MIMC) with Gold star the highest award possible, only 300 magicians world wide awarded MIMC by the president of The Magic Circle himself. A professional Theatrical Pickpocket for over 32 years. The UK’s ‘ONLY’ pickpocket that was head hunted and hired to be the headline act by world renowned company Cirque Du Soleil.  In brief, Lee been booked to create and perform comedy pickpocket characters for the fine dinning theatre show Muggler Follies Paris and Impossible World Tour 2016. Most recent I was hired as part of the golden can award winning immersive entertainment for Bombay Sapphire Gin, an Multi award winning show ‘The Grand Journey’ toured for 3 Months, 5 Countries, 6 Cities, 96 shows.

He has a very strong representation in the corporate entertainment world. With an impressive CV under my belt and the ability to “Deliver” makes me the World’s greatest pickpocket, you can be assured I will really impress and entertain your guests. Creating new shows on a regular basis and changing the act accordingly to the event or venue. I can also theme to any era with custom made movie quality costumes. The stage pick pocket act is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese. The show can also be tailored to any theme.

Perfect for trade shows, corporate events, Mix and Mingle funny Pickpocketing and Close up Magic in any situation, although not recommended for the beach!. And most recently consultant Pickpocket and performer in the new Cohen brothers HollyWood blockbuster movie Holmes and Watson 2019 .

Contact us

Contacting Pickpocket for Hire Lee Thompson could not be easier. Because we are a professional, full time entertainments company we are devoted to ensuring the best possible service for you and your clients.

Please feel free to drop us an email (at the address below) which is our quickest way for us to  responsed, as we are often on set filming.. Lee’s phone will be set to OFF

We will be able to give our 20 plus years of experience, advice and guarantee the best possible entertainment for your event.

CALL  OR  E-MAIL NOW                                                                         as we get booked months and years in advance.


Entertaining your guests. 

Lee Thompson will Pick a pocket or two for your event.

Expert pickpocket magician, Looking for something truly unique, creative and unusual  to “Wow” your guests?

Cirque Du Soleil alumnus Lee Thompson’s unparalleled stunning performances are highly creative and daring spectacles on the cutting edge, Close up skill, with a few flips and twists to blow your guests expectations away.

Strolling, Atmosphere, & Custom Shows are available, adding colour, class and enrichment to your  event.

 We perform for corporate events, Weddings, private parties, community events, and a multitude of other social gatherings. Our acts can be specialised to meet the needs of your clients and can be customised to the desired time frame and space restrictions.

 Working closely with you, all performances are customised to meet your needs, promote your products, feature your VIPs, with high altitude surreal experience’s. 

With Pickpocket for hire Lee Thompson’s 33 plus years of professional performing expertise he’ll bring a wildly interactive fusion of magic and circus arts to your Wedding or Corporate Event, giving your guests amazing memories to talk about for years to come.

If you heard that the world-famous Cirque du Soleil hired a pickpocket, you would begin to think they were mad. But it is 100% true. Cirque du Soleil really did hire a modern-day thief from the world of Oliver Twist, and this pickpocket proved to be one of the top acts their shows around the world ever produced.

Lee Thompson is the pickpocket that the audiences of Cirque Du Soleil came to adore. Humorous, cheeky and brilliant at catching people unaware, Lee has often pick pockets belts, watches, wallets, cuff links and neck ties without anyone noticing that their belongings have vanished. Turning the art of pick pocketing into one of the most amazing theatre, circus and party acts of all time, Lee Thompson brings the house down without fail.