Alternative Pick pocketing

Lee Thompson

Trade show Comedy Pickpocketing

Why book Lee Thompson for your trade show stand?
Simple “He Delivers” and it will maximise the return on your investment

It is easy for Trade show events to be a little “dry” and Lee’s Unique Comedy Pickpocketing entertainment does wonders, attracting people to your stand, holding their interest and during busy times help to keep them at the stand until your staff are available.

Lee Thompson’s Pickpocketing Performance is a “mind-active” form of communication. The audience is constantly thinking, “WOW how did he do that?” Each and every viewer’s mind is awake, alert, active and thinking… And, it is at this precise mental moment that Lee Thompson adds your commercial message to the live presentation! The viewer’s synapses are making fresh cerebral connections and actively storing new information, while the smile on the viewer’s face records a synchronistic positive impression of your company’s slogan, logo, and sales pitch!

Trade show guests could find their items have gone in less than 60 seconds. Yes that’s all it takes, and less sometimes for Lee to Pick Pockets! Watches, wallets, cufflinks, keys, mobile phones and even neck ties.

( No He can’t steal your socks!! )

His humorous and fun personality will instantly put your potential clients at ease and, of course, every ’stolen’ item is returned to its rightful owner, to gasps of astonishment and disbelief!

Now, combine this psychological “mind-active” advantage with the “Buzz” that Lee Thompson brings to your Stand,
Visitor’s (and fellow exhibitors) will be talking about your Stand elsewhere on the show floor, and afterwards at the convention cocktail party!

It is Amazing  to hear people talking amongst themselves, bouncing theories off one another, and constantly hearing your company’s name in conjunction with the phrase “how do you think he did that”?

Pickpocketing is a visual art, and that means it is an international language with universal appeal.
No matter where your next trade show is (in the USA, Europe or Asia) or what Language is spoken, Lee Thompson’s  Comedy Pickpocket demonstration is great fun informative and will continue to amaze, communicate and attract an eager audience to your exhibit!

(Each Performance/Demonstration last just a few minutes 10?-15? with short breaks giving your team time to make contact with new leads)You may wish to promote your own company or new product.
Lee can plant items onto unsuspecting clients (reverse pickpocketing) such as trinkets, business cards etc…