“Thompson” The Drunken Pickpocket

Lee Thompson as the Drunken Pickpocket

The Best Physical Comedy Pickpocket in the World!

Spoken in English – Japanese – French – German – Spanish.  Also an International Silent Visual Act.

Theatrical spectacular Centered Around  “Thompson” an Old Eccentric British Butler who’s had ‘just’ that little bit too much to drink!!

“Life is a Cabernet”

As “Thompson” enters the stage things look a little odd, with his dishevelled appearance, and strange antics.

Heavily inspired by DINNER FOR ONE ODE DER 90 GERBUSTAG.

Incredible pickpocketing,Physical Comedy with sleight of hand magic,Illusion,slapstick and clowning.

A fusion of puppetry and street theatre, styalised with a

Cirque Du Soleil flair.