Stage PickPocket

Lee Thompson is the UK’s Only Pickpocket Head Hunted and Hired to be Headline Act by world renowned Cirque Du Soleil

Lee’s world Class international Comedy Pick Pocketing act  has been performed in front of 1.8 million people over 700 shows in only 18 months for Cirque du Soliel.

Lee is fantastic to watch live, unbelievable misdirection, perfect timing and engages the audience in a performance with Physical comedy and skill that is second-to-none!  This fun high impact stage show takes you into the world of the pickpocket, with Lee as the perfect host.

You won’t lose your money, but may lose sleep trying to figure out how he does it!  With a twinkle in his eye and a cheeky grin, your possessions will disappear and reappear when you least expect it!

Your guests will find their items have gone in less than 60 seconds! Incredibly all styles of  Watches, Wallets, Belts, Cufflinks,Keys, Glasses, Mobile phones, Pocket Contents and even Neck Ties.

Lee’s professionalism and personality instantly puts his audience at ease, and of course every stolen item is returned to it’s rightful owner, to gasps of astonishment, laughter and disbelief!

Lee Has Pick pocketed members of The Royal Family, US Military, Police, customs and excise, As an expert in the field of Pick Pocketing, Lee has been called upon to give demonstrations and lectures to security companies and staff training systems. Cartier asked Lee to steal jewellery for staff training, and O2 Fraud and Security Events asked Lee to demonstrate his unique skills to their finest officers and investigators.

He has performed in many situations all over the world with 25 years professional performance experience. Lee has an  impressive CV under his belt and his ability to “DELIVER” makes him the Worlds greatest Pickpocket.  Lee also writes and creates new shows on a regular basis changing his act accordingly to the event or venue. Lee can theme to any era with movie quality costumes.

Lee Thompson’s mixture of humour, skill and pure showmanship is the ideal choice for any event,stage Act or close up, whether a formal dinner or more casual function. Stage PickPocket Act Available in:  English, Japanese and French.

Any Theme, at least 5 different show lengths e.g
6 minutes, 10 minutes , 15 minutes, 45 minutes and full theatre show 90 minutes

Some performers who claim to be a pickpocket or leading authority on pickpocketing use  pre-warned guests or family members to set up as fake Volunteers to help them look like they are being Pick Pocketed and pass items behind to another volunteer, another popular FAKE trick is to stooge pulling their shirt off.

(STOOGE, a shill, a confederate who acts as if s/he is unaware of what is taking place, in a magic trick or a confidence trick or this instance Pick Pocketing)

Lee is copied by many other performers but NO OTHER PICKPOCKET ACT can match Lee’s skill , showmanship, stagecraft and outstanding ability.

They often mask thier lack of pickpocketing skills by performing Close up magic card tricks and maybe just Maybe steal a LEATHER strap watch.
(The Leather strap is easiest watch strap to steal, it can also be achieved by my 7 year old daughter!)

What the Media say:

Chris Moyle’s the saviour of Radio One “He’s Bloody Good”

Book Lee Thompson a Real, skilled, Clever, Funny Pick Pocket. 100% guaranteed not to stooge or set up a Volunteer and a pleasure to watch.

VARIETY: The Second half of the show is by far the stronger with excellent Pickpocket  Lee Thompson.

NEW YORK TIMES: Lee Thompson will steal the tie right off your neck, Many laughs featuring the comic pickpocket Lee Thompson, right out of a vintage English Music hall.

The Wall Street Journal: Pickpocket routine that could have been “Lifted” from an English music hall circa 1910 with startling Virtuosity and winning Verve.