Comedy Eccentric Waiters

These dreadful waiter will delight and disgust your guests!!!

These dreadful waiters will delight and disgust your guests!!!

Hire this team of dusty old magical waiters, who are obviously not members of the venues waiting staff. Greeting your guests with their own unique style, mixing excellent slight of hand illusion with great humour. Covered in cobwebs and a uniform similar to any Hitchcock movie, their rather unconventional approach to silver service will make your guests’ evening unforgettable!

Forks and Spoons magically bend before your eyes, bottles appear out of thin air and disappear through the table along with incredible illusions happening close-up, right under your nose.
Imagine your clients’ reaction, when they discover their watch inside a freely chosen sealed tin can.

If you are looking for a relaxing meal similar to all other events you’ve attended or hosted before, our Eccentric Waiters, shouldn’t be your first choice of entertainment! We suggest you book a harpist!

With jovial antics around every corner and comedy moments in abundance, together with very skilled magical moments, booking our team will guarantee fond memories of an amazing and highly amusing evening by all guests who attend your function!

We never interfere with your food!

Also available the unforgettable pre-dinner cabaret “CHECK THE BOX”. We always leave party guests astounded.